Dream Dogs is also pleased to offer behavioral assistance for cats. Cats have increased in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years as wonderful house pets and companions. As cats have not been domesticated as long as dogs, and have different social structures, their inherent relationships with humans are very different. You may have heard the saying "dogs have owners, cats have servants," but we prefer to help your situation by guiding you into a more mutually enjoyable relationship.

Lori has had extensive experience with both the "domestic" cat, and many species of their wild counterparts. Cougars and tigers will tell you very quickly that no cat appreciates demands! Felines require different approaches than canines, and we can offer safe and gentle solutions to many common problems seen in house cats.

Have you had difficulty with any of these issues?

  • spraying/ marking
  • clawing furniture
  • inconsistent litter box usage
  • biting/ scratching
  • jumping on countertops
  • excessive vocalizing
  • chewing plants

We can help!
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Dreams Dogs offers positive dog training services to clients in the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs to Indio, including Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Desert Hot Springs. Victoria Stilwell of television's It's Me or the Dog has started the only global network of research-based positive dog trainers. Lori is the only dog trainer in the Palm Desert area endorsed by Victoria Stilwell's VSPDT.  Her education from Moorpark's Exotic Animal Training Program and over 19 years experience sets her apart from most other dog trainers.
Hours of Operation:  Scheduled Classes and by Appointment Only
45090 Golf Center Parkway, Unit B, Indio, CA