Many “bad” dog behaviors like digging are developed in our pets because they are just plain bored. Digging is more prevalent in certain breeds of dogs, but any dog that isn’t exercised enough or given enough stimulation and attention can decide to make their own work-out program by excavating your new landscaping. Try getting “Bobo” out for more walks, spend more time with him when possible, make sure he has an appropriate shelter (he may be digging a “bed” of sorts to get cooler or warmer), and give him different toys if you have to leave him unattended in your yard. If he is just obsessed with digging all the way to China, you can try to bury chicken wire or aluminum foil in their favored area (they usually don’t like these under their feet), or better yet designate a spot in your yard for his own approved sand box. Clearly define an area and encourage him to dig there and only there. If you catch him digging out of bounds, you can interrupt with a firm “NO”, put them in their digging space, and tell them “GOOD!”.

Punishment won’t stop a determined dog – you can’t just tell them what you don’t want them to do, give them something you do approve of them doing and REWARD it.

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