Before you get too mad at “Fido” again for ripping your clothes, getting dirty paw prints all over the kids, or even knocking down Grandma, realize that jumping is normal for dogs. Nature taught puppies to jump up towards adult dogs’ mouths to lick off food scraps, and to say “HI!”. Your dog is probably jumping on you to show how excited they are to see you and how much they want your attention. Even negative attention is better than no attention, so avoid trying to push them off or telling them to “GET OFF!”, because this has no meaning to them. Instead ignore the jumps as best you can and as soon as all four feet are back on the floor, ask your pet to “sit”, and reward them. With enough consistency your dog can learn that jumping gets them nothing, but sitting to get your attention means rewards!

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Dreams Dogs offers positive dog training services to clients in the Coachella Valley from Palm Springs to Indio, including Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta and Desert Hot Springs. Victoria Stilwell of television's It's Me or the Dog has started the only global network of research-based positive dog trainers. Lori is the only dog trainer in the Palm Desert area endorsed by Victoria Stilwell's VSPDT.  Her education from Moorpark's Exotic Animal Training Program and over 19 years experience sets her apart from most other dog trainers.
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