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Dream Dogs Training Program to ready dogs for Adoption

If you are looking for a new loyal companion, please consider adopting... here are a few furry faces ready for their forever home. *Image above are from PetSmart Charities Adoption events.

“... whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world.”
— Talmud

Please Help Sky!

Sky, the day she was picked up off the side of the road by a kind samaritan.

Sky, the day she was picked up off the side of the road by a kind samaritan.

Sky is a new foster puppy at Dream Dogs. Keep in mind, Dream Dogs rarely will do this and will not take abandoned dogs that just need to find a home. This was a rare case due to her age and that this little girl needed a safe place to land while she grows up a bit ... here is her story.

Sky, a shepherd-golden retriever mix, was found at 8-10 weeks abandoned out on Dillon road near Sky Valley...this is where her name came from btw. This golden fluff ball was making her way down the side of the road on a 106º day, hot, emaciated, dehydrated and more than happy to jump into a cool car. Luckily, this stranger that stopped for her has a friend that works with Dream Dogs ... lucky dog. Lori and Anthony were gracious enough to take Sky in and determine her temporary needs and care, in hopes of getting her directly into a rescue.

She was brought to the vet to have her scanned for a microchip (which she didn't have) and checked out. In her exam, the vet discover her leg was injured ... x-rays later revealed a lateral break in her left femur head that was lodged into the socket while the rest of the leg was supported by the muscles and ligaments. Due to the healing that had already occurred, it seems to be an old injury she probably sustained a kick by someone or something at 2-3 weeks of age.

Sky's x-ray. Note the normal right hip ball and socket verses the left. The ball is broken off from the femur and lodged in the socket with the leg held by muscle and ligaments.

Sky's x-ray. Note the normal right hip ball and socket verses the left. The ball is broken off from the femur and lodged in the socket with the leg held by muscle and ligaments.

Sky was now in need of a specialist to determine her prognosis and if she could have quality of life with this injury. She was no longer a candidate for a rescue or shelter. If she had been taken directly to a county shelter, she would have been put down, and most rescues don't have the funding for orthopedic surgeries for young dogs. Dream Dogs is giving her the time she needs to let her bones grow and determine what type of surgery she will need on October 21, 2019.

In the mean time, she is spending time with Lori and her pack. Few would know that she has this injury. Sky romps and plays like any other puppy. Her personality is sweet, smart and very social with dogs and people, and she is receiving her first six months of training from Dream Dogs ... some lucky person will have a wonderful family member when she is ready to go to her new home once she has healed from her surgery.

Izzy is working with Scout to the left and Sky to the right on her obedience and socialization.

Izzy is working with Scout to the left and Sky to the right on her obedience and socialization.

So why are we telling you about this little girl?

On October 21st, she is going to need a big surgery. The cost has been estimated at $4600-5200 to correct this injury. We are putting together different resources to help her out, and need your help in sharing her information out to other dog friends. We will keep you posted on our website, social media and funding resources and just ask that you share Sky's story and photos. Thank you for helping Sky.

Sky's Surgery & Drawing

We Need to Raise Money for Sky’s BIG Surgery.
Lori Carman, owner of Dream Dogs Professional Dog Training and her brother, Dan Wainio of Wainio Art, have put together a drawing to raise money for her surgery. For every $20 you donate you will receive a ticket that will be placed in a drawing. You could win a custom Dan Wainio 4'x4' painting of your dog when you join our drawing for just $20 per ticket! If you have ever been to the Dream Dogs training center, you have seen Dan Wainio's paintings...bright, beautiful works of art! Check out Dan's work on our website.

All proceeds go to Sky's surgery which will be between $4600 - $5200 (this is the estimate provided by the orthopedic surgeon). Please donate and help Sky!

Help Sky

Teddy Has Been Adopted! Awesome!!


Breed/mix: Labrador/Catahoula/Mix
Age: 5 year old Male

Teddy is looking for his forever home. His owner has passed away suddenly and he is in need of a loving family. He is house trained, great with other animals, obedience trained and even does tricks! He is very sweet and has a calm and loving demeanor.


Cowboy Has Been Adopted! Woo Hoo!!


Breed/mix: German Shepherd
Age: 3 year old male

Big, Bold and Beautiful. Cowboy is great with other animals, loves people and is house trained. He will make a wonderful family companion.


Griz Has Been Adopted! Woo Hoo!!


Breed/mix: Rottweiler/Mix
Age: 2 years old male

This is a wonderful dog! Obedience trained, great with children and other animals. Loves to play ball and swim! Come out and meet two years young Griz! He is past the puppy stage and ready to settle into his new home.


Doogster Has Been Adopted! Yeah!


Adopted! Woo Hoo!
Breed/mix: Boxer/Mix
Age: 2 years old male

Super smart, fun, friendly and ready to have his forever home! Completed obedience training with Dream Dogs. Doogster is a handsome Boxer mix who now has his forever home! "Doogster" has been adopted! Thank you Robert from Palm Springs, Ca. for giving him his forever home. You’re the BEST!


Dakota Has Been Adopted! Yeah!


Adopted!! Woo Hoo!!
Breed: Husky
Age: 12 years old male

Meet Dakota, a twelve year old Husky. Lori Carman, owner of Dream Dogs, was contacted by a friend who was at the vet when this dog came in. The owners wanted him euthanized because he was old and they didn't want to spend the money to fix the cyst. She jumped into action and had the people relinquish Dakota to her care. Lori picked him up June 27 with help from The Humane Society of the Desert and Desert Hot Springs Veterinary Hospital. Dakota will have surgery on Thursday the 29th to remove the cyst.

He is kid, dog, and cat friendly. If you know of anyone who would love a mature healthy dog, allowing him to live out his golden years in comfort and dignity, please contact us.


Elvis Has Been Adopted! Yeah!


Adopted!! Woo Hoo!!
Breed: Border Collie/Mix
Age: 3.5 months old male

Looking for your new agility superstar? Meet Elvis, he is super smart, sweet and ready to pick up anything you are putting down. Happy, playful puppy ready for his foster family. Elvis is currently at Dream Dogs learning some new skills in obedience. 


Ski Has Been Adopted! Yeah!


Adopted!! Woo Hoo!!
Breed: Husky
Age: 2 years old female

This is a wonderful girl! Great with other animals, friendly, loving and full of fun! Ski is a beautiful, brown/blue eyed Husky looking for her forever home. She is smart and active, a great running or hiking partner.