Tricks to Beat the Summer Heat!

Tricks are a great way to keep Fido busy when it is too hot to go for a walk. Working your dog’s brain is just as important as exercise. Engage their attention by training a trick. Here are a few ...

Paws Up

  1. Hold a treat slightly above a sturdy piece of furniture and cue your dog “paws up”. Pat the item too coax your dog’s front feet onto it. Hold the treat only slightly behind the edge, so as not to encourage your dog to jump on top or over it.
  2. The instant both of your dogs paws come up on the item, give your dog the treat.
  3. Once your dog gets the hang of this, try keeping the treat in your treat bag and give the cue without the food lure. If your dog puts his paws on the box, immediately give him a reward.

Take a Bow

  1. Have your dog stand facing you. Hold a treat in your fist at nose height.
  2. Cue “bow” and gently press your hand with the treat from your dog’s nose towards his back paws.
  3. The instant your dogs elbows touch the floor release the treat. Be sure to release the treat only when your is in the correct bow position, and not after he has returned to a stand or laid down.
  4. As your dog improves, try to get him to stay in the bow position for a second before you release the treat.
  5. Your physical cur is your legs crossed left leg behind the right.


  1. With your dog sitting in front of you, hide a treat in your hand, low to the ground. Encourage him to “get it” and “shake”. Reward your dog with the treat the moment his paw comes off the ground.
  2. Once he is able to due this 8 put of 10 times, up the ante and raise the height of your hand.
  3. Transition using the hand signal. Stand up and hold the treat behind your back and extend your other hand out while cueing “shake”. When your dogs paw is in your extended hand give him the treat.

Wave Bye Bye

  1. With your dog sitting in front of you have him “shake”.
  2. Give him hints in progressively greater amounts by saying “bye-bye shake” and then extending your hand a little higher than you would normally due for the “shake” Your dog won’t be able to hold his paw up that high so his motion will look like he is pawing your hand.
  3. Draw your hand slightly away from your dog so he can barely reach your fingers.
  4. Pull your hand back at the last second so he is not touching you at all, but merely pawing the air. Mark the instant he performs it correctly by saying “GOOD!” so he understands the desired behavior is the waving action.

This is a great way to beat the heat and humidity this summer, depending on where you live. Let us know any new tricks that your loyal companion learns. We'd love to see them in action! Please drop us a photo at

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