A Fitness Tracker for Izzi

Screen capture from Izzi’s FitBark.

Screen capture from Izzi’s FitBark.

Provided by TechSupport@DreamDogs & Izzi

This past June, my dog Izzi turned 2 years old. So what do you get the active dog that has everything?...a fitness tracker of course! This little, 48 pound Boxer girl is very active and also my running partner. We primarily run on the beach where she is doing figure eights, chasing birds, and long sprinted rings around my run the entire time. I wanted to know how many miles this little athlete is logging on every run. Sure, I could tie my GPS watch to her collar for a couple runs to determine her miles, but what fun is that? So began the search for the fitness tracker that one, made sense for the price and two, provided the information I was looking for...less frills and good info. I soon found out there are several available, but there seemed to be seven that had decent Amazon ratings and reviews. 

Spoiler alert, we settled on the FitBark...for price and the basic mileage information. Again, not many frills and a good price point. Am I happy with the product? So far so good...I am learning that Izzi tracks between 10-15 miles on a run and between 3-8 miles on her off days, I know approximately how much she sleeps and her percentile for these two areas based on her age, breed and activity level. The FitBarkworks great for what I want to know about my training partner for now. Will we up-grade in the future? Perhaps as technology improves, new features become available and prices come down, but for now our fitness tracking needs are met. (Thumbs up emoji)

If you are in the market for a fitness tracker for your best fur-friend or interested in the GPS tracking for your wander-dog, here is the review of seven trackers that may fulfill some of your Fido-fitness informational needs. Good luck with your search. If you are currently using a fitness tracker for your BFF, please share on the FaceBook post from the newsletter. We'd love to hear about your choice!

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