Courses offered over three weeks period verses the standard five week programs.

We designed these shorter classes to focus on one specific behavior or theme over a three-week period. Consider our mini-clinics a fine-tuning process designed to ensure success for you and your dog without a huge time commitment.

Requirements: Pre-registration is required for all mini-clinics.
Your dog needs to wear a flat collar or harness with a nylon leash. For the safety of all participants (human and canine), we do not allow flexi-leads or prong collars.
All dogs must be current on vaccines. Please bring proof of current vaccinations to your first class. While not required, we recommend you complete our Basic Obedience class before signing up for a mini-clinic.

Canine Adventure Course


This three-week class consists of obstacle courses that you and your dog complete together. Up a ramp, over jumps, through a pool of balls, and into a tunnel…all while you and your pup are focusing on your teamwork and having fun! Each course is completed on leash, allowing dogs of all training abilities to join in. Don't miss out on all the fun!

canine adventure course (3 weeks) - $100


House Manners

Does your dog run from you when you call? Surf your counters for a little snack or maybe an entire chicken? Does your dog jump on your guests to say hi and knock down kids to give them kisses? This class is specifically designed for you! 

In our House Manners class you will learn how to teach your dog to sit and wait politely to be greeted by you and your guests. You will learn how to curb annoying and potentially dangerous behavior issues like begging, counter surfing, and running away when it's time to get into the crate, be picked up, or have their collar grabbed. You'll work with your dog on how to behave when people come to the door and we'll teach you how you can get your dog off furniture and stay off of it!

house manners (3 weeks) - $100


loose-leash walking

Have you noticed more "pull" than "walk" in your nightly strolls? You're not alone! Teaching a dog to walk on a loose leash is one of the most difficult lessons owners must contend with. This class will help you learn the techniques you need to teach your dog to walk politely on a leash without pulling, lunging, and dragging. 

In this hands-on workshop we'll discuss equipment options and training methods and we'll practice techniques for keeping your dog focused on you during walks.

loose-leach walking (3 weeks) - $100


scent work

All dogs have noses, and all dogs like to sniff. Why not put that behavior to good use? We focus on teaching you how to cultivate your dog’s natural scenting abilities by sending it on the hunt for food and toys, while simultaneously exercising both its mind and its body. This is a great class for ALL dogs - young, old, shy, overly active, and even reactive! Come find out how much fun it is to have your dog use its nose for something other than a butt sniff or surfing for leftovers.

nose work (3 weeks) - $100


Solid Stay


Does your dog stay in the exact position you left it in until you return to it and release it from its stay? Not really? Then this is the class for you! We focus on the three Ds - Duration, Distance, Distractions - using fun real-life situations. Come learn how to teach your dog to have a super solid stay

solid stay (3 weeks) - $100


Total Recall


We focus on that all-elusive but oh-so-important word: "come." From the ground up, we build this behavior reliably using games and proper communication techniques. Note: For the safety of all participants (human and canine), we cannot accept aggressive dogs for total recall since dogs work off leash.

total recall (3 weeks) - $100



Got the basics down but looking for a few cool behaviors to wow and amaze your dinner guests? Want to be the star of the dog park? In this fun mini-clinic your dog learns a variety of fun tricks, including roll over, shake, play dead, put toys away, sit pretty, bow, and crawl.

tricks (3 weeks) - $100


Weave Poles and Jumps


This is a great agility primer for some of those trickier obstacles! You and your dog enjoy some good practice time while getting proficient at weaving. We also focus on working in crosses and sending through jump sequences.

weave poles and jumps (3 weeks) - $100