Positive Reinforcement is how we train.

At Dream Dogs, we practice only positive reinforcement methods and do not support punishment-based practices. We use food as primary motivation, and teach you how to wean your dog off treats over time. We promise always to treat you and your dog with respect and patience, and to work within your dog’s comfort zone – and yours! While we do encourage you to challenge yourself and your pet during class or at home, we want you to have fun and to enjoy the learning process.

Setting you and your pet up to succeed is our top priority. Our training methods allow you, as a pet owner, to be proactive, not reactive. The bottom line is that dogs do what works for them to get what they want (e.g., attention, a treat, play). By using positive reinforcement techniques, we reward the good behaviors and ignore the bad ones. Your dog learns how to choose to do the right thing, rather than how to avoid doing the wrong thing.

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Training is a form of communication between you and your four-legged friend: once you learn to speak “dog", the process is all the more rewarding. A note about Cesar Millan and punishment methods: Dream Dogs does not in any way support or agree with punishment-based training methods such as those employed by Cesar Millan. While Cesar has received a lot of notoriety, he also faces numerous lawsuits and animal cruelty charges. While we don’t like to badmouth people in our industry, we – and the positive training world as a whole – firmly believe that punishment techniques are cruel and unnecessary.

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At Dream Dogs we confidently and consistently achieve good training outcomes by teaching you to foster a positive relationship with your dog – a connection that does not require you to dominate your dog in any way. In fact, the dominance myth is just that, A MYTH! Using "dominance" creates fear. If we see you kicking or hitting (hurting) your dog in anyway, we will speak up.

Remember: It’s all positive and it works!

“Lori’s approach of positive reinforcement vs. the more aggressive training methods was the right philosophy for us. In addition, crate training was right for us as well. Lori was never more than a phone call away and always able to suggest an easy and effective method to help Lola Understand what we wanted her to do. We now have a safe, happy, polite inquisitive 20 month old dog that has never encountered a choke chain, been swatted or harshly reprimanded. She considers her crate to be her private quarters and retreats there for some period of time each day. We never imagined that the puppy phase could go so smoothly.”
— Mrs. Brundage and Lola