"We love to help people create the dog
of their dreams."

Hi Dream Dogs,
Just want to give a high value award for Jennifer's patience, knowledge and commitment to helping train our dog. We are Saturday morning intermediate and are graduates of basic. I bring my teenage son who is often less than enthused but... "His puppy, Ella," is becoming a well mannered young lady as a result of these classes. Jennifer's enthusiasm is infectious and she always has a sensible solution! Her classes have changed our relationship with our pup and we are SO thankful!
Thank you,
Kristen & Ella

Dear Lori-

I wanted to thank you for giving us the positive tools to work with Cali. The fearful dog you met in January successfully experienced her first plane ride and so much more. We missed our connecting flight in Seattle, so Cali experienced patiently standing in line for over an hour in the airport to get re-booked, her first bus ride to her first hotel stay, that required her to ride in a glass elevator to the 11th floor (and down each time she needed to go out). She handled all the changes and new experiences so very well. She is adjusting to life in Alaska and doing well with meeting new people and dogs. 
We continue to build on the skills and training you taught us in Beginning Obedience, Intermediate Obedience and Small Dog Romp. Looking forward to taking more classes when we return next winter. 

You are the best! Thank you so much. 
Veronica, Kenita & Cali

Dear Lori, 
Thank you so much for teaching me how to challenge my boy to grow and succeed. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. 

Thank you Lori.  So enjoyed your class as always.  You do a wonderful job, are funny
when you need to be and just make everything such a pleasure.
By the way, Josh who did Beginner Agility last year with you did a Fashion Show a few weeks ago.  I was wondering how he was going to do going from the quiet of  Joshua Tree to a loud and very busy Fashion Show at the Hyatt in Long Beach. He did great.  See you Sunday.  Look forward.
Thank you again
Angela and Josh


Poppy and Pistol are the heartbeat of my Pilates Studio.  The amazing training Lori gave to me and the "Munkins" allows them to show off their impeccable working behavior during business hours. She made it possible for me to fulfill my dream of having my dogs with me at work.

Courtney, Poppy & Pistol of Studio 150

Hi, my name is Mari.  I have a lovely German Shepard named Winston.  Winston is lovely only because of Dream Dogs.  Winston was board, destructive, unhappy and wouldn't listen.  Being almost 100 pounds at 18 months old, I needed to do something.  I had no idea there were so many things I could do.  Lori has a fabulous method of training that is easy, fun and exciting for both humans and dogs.  Winston is so happy now and so am I.  If I can do this, anyone can do it.  Simple as that.  The name says it all, "Dream Dogs".  Taking this class will turn your "night mare" into a dream come true. (Winston and Mari have a ball with a new confidence-builder!)

Mari and Winston


Murphy (The Terrorist) forgot to tell you about his "personal trainer".  Lori of "Dream Dogs" has created miracles- well minor miracles, but consider the subject.  Not sure who is trained, but Murphy sits, lies down, speaks, begs, marks (goes to a specified area or blanket and stays), heels, etc. on hand or voice commands.  She is fantastic.  She worked with animals at The Living Desert and on movie and TV sets.  She amazed me!  Murphy loves her- but really pays attention.  A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!

Andrea and Murphy

Lori solved a serious barking problem for us.  Rosie, our beloved Dalmatian was about seven.  We had moved to the desert full time, settled into our new home and a retirement life style- i.e., life had been full of changes. Rosie was barking at delivery trucks, door bells, strange noises, falling leaves just about anything that wasn't there.  My husband wanted to get a shock collar.  I was reluctant but willing to acquiesce IF we found a trainer to supervise the process.  Enter Lori Wainio.  She heard our tale of woe, observed the two of us, Rose and her "sister", a Springer Spaniel.  She quickly accesses the problem, explained the role each of us was playing in the barking drama and proceeded to help us reprogram.  We had four sessions with Lori (and NO shock collar).  The change was amazing.  Rose's barking reduced by 80%.  She was proud of herself and we were proud of her!      
Becky and Rose

Lori's approach of positive reinforcement vs. The more aggressive training methods was the right philosophy for us. In addition, crate training was right for us as well. Lori was never more than a phone call away and always able to suggest an easy and effective method to help Lola understand what we wanted her to do. We now have a safe, happy, polite, inquisitive 20 month old dog that has never encountered a choke chain, been swatted or harshly reprimanded. She considers her crate to be her private quarters and retreats there for some period of time each day. We never imagined that the puppy phase could go so smoothly.
Lori and girls just want to have fun! Lori's agility and dog dancing classes have been a delightful way for my dog and I to work together. In addition to her impressive education and professional experience, Lori has an amazingly compassionate way of training that enables us to feel successful as we master new skills. She detects instantly when one of us (human or canine) is confused or frustrated and quietly offers suggestions of how to modify the move so that we quickly get "the thrill of victory". With safety as rule number one, Lori has coached us through tunnels, weave poles, over jumps, and A-frames, and has taught us to shake our booties. Under the guise of play, my dog and I have practiced following directions, trusting, and paying attention to each other.  
Mrs. Brundage and Lola
Roger, Babett, and Keith.jpg

I moved here from Chicago three years ago with an adorable border collie/Labrador mix.  She was a good dog, but very busy and much more interested in everything around her than listening to me and walking nicely on leash.  Lori did more for Sadie and me in one month than lessons we had in Chicago. Much later, I broke my ankle and Lori took my golden retriever into her home for 2 weeks and she came back a very obedient dog--much different than she was when she was dropped off there.
I highly recommend Lori to anyone that wants to learn how to be a better pet owner.
Kim Laidlaw, Sadie, Rose and Calvin

Hi Lori, thank you sooo much for helping me train ME 😁 and Murphy. We already practiced walking yesterday and we did great - good thing you marked the leash. I appreciate the attachments as well. Great help! You are the best trainer so far.
Kathy and Murphy

Oh Lori! I'm already seeing a different dog!  Thank you thank you.  Gunner was much more attentive and calm at home this evening. Looking forward to tomorrow.  
Carol and Gunner

Lori is one of the best dog trainers that I have ever had, and I have gone through a lot of them.  She truly knows and understands your dog.

When we first got "Toby" our English Springer Spaniel he was extremely aggressive for such a cute little puppy.  Lori came to the house and taught me what to do with him and with some tough love the aggression was gone forever.

We have gone through all of her classes and "Toby" went through her finishing program where we left him with her for two weeks.  This was the finishing touch that he and I both needed. "Toby" also has earned his canine good citizenship award and I take him everywhere with me.  He is well behaved and loved by all who meet him.

We are now on to agility and I'm sure with Lori's help he is going to be a star at that as well. Thank you Lori!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sabrina & Toby

Hi Lori, a HUGE thank you for all the years with our Bella Mia (aka Bella-Dance-A-Rella)! Hard to believe she came into your beginning obedience class over 12 years ago, continued into agility and all the way through to Silver Paws. Her life was so much happier and full because of all the knowledge and guidance you provided us both.
More gratitude than I can convey,
Sara and Bella Mia