Board & Train

Our board and train programs combine positive reinforcement instruction with the best of pet care. Your precious pooch receives focused attention, training, and love throughout the length of their stay.

During the day we transport your dog to our Dream Dogs Bermuda Dunes facility, where it benefits from regular training sessions with skilled Dream Dogs trainers. We work our board and train dogs multiple times a day, every day, to teach them their new manners, while also making sure they’re well socialized and cared for during your absence. 

If your dog has specific behavior problems, we can work with you to find a solution. We start by identifying what triggers the behavior, and then tailor our training plan to resolve it. All behavior modification begins by establishing the proper relationship between you and your dog; as a result, behavior problems often disappear shortly after training begins.

All dogs must be current on vaccinations and must supply proof of current vaccinations.