Board & Train

Our board and train programs combine positive reinforcement instruction with the best of pet care from the two most premier canine facilities in the Coachella Valley. Your precious pooch stays either at The Grand Paw Indio or in the Indio home of Dream Dogs owner Lori Carman, and receives focused attention, training, and love throughout the length of your dog's stay.

During the day we transport your dog to our Dream Dogs Indio facility, where it benefits from regular training sessions with skilled Dream Dogs trainers. We work our board and train dogs multiple times a day, every day, to teach them their new manners, while also making sure they’re well socialized and cared for during your absence. 

If your dog has specific behavior problems, we can work with you to find a solution. We start by identifying what triggers the behavior, and then tailor our training plan to resolve it. All behavior modification begins by establishing the proper relationship between you and your dog; as a result, behavior problems often disappear shortly after training begins.

Grand Paw training packages

Dream Dogs is pleased to partner with The Grand Paw, a luxury full-service pet resort in Indio’s Vista Santa Rosa that provides your dog with cozy sleeping accommodations, individual meal plans, and supervised social play on its two-acre resort. Whether your dog enjoys the shade of a palm tree or a splash in the pool, The Grand Paw ensures it stays active and healthy throughout its stay, with Dream Dogs joining in to instill your dog’s agreed-upon customized training program. 

When you drop your dog off at The Grand Paw, you’ll be asked to fill out a Dream Dogs "Training Focus" sheet, which will help us customize your dog’s learning experience based on your feedback. When your dog’s ready to come home, we’ll schedule a meeting a few days later with you both at Dream Dogs Indio to go over all of your dog’s newly learned behaviors, and to set you up for success moving forward. Keep in mind that we need to teach you what we taught your dog so you are both on the same page. 

1 week: $825

Includes boarding, training, one meeting with a Dream Dogs trainer.
Training focus: Touch-ups for stay and leash work; specific behavioral issues you identify.

2 weeks: $1600

Includes boarding, training, one meeting with a Dream Dogs trainer.

Training focus: Basic obedience program (sit, sit/stay, down, down/stay, heeling/boundaries, leave it, go to).

3 weeks: $2400

Includes boarding, training, one meeting with a Dream Dogs trainer. 

All dogs must be current on vaccinations and must supply proof of current vaccinations to The Grand Paw when you check in.